How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Ship times can be found here.

I would strongly suggest using priority shipping methods if you need an order to arrive by a certain date. You can also e-mail me at astrangerdreambookmarks@gmail.com to alert me that you need your order by a certain date and I will do my best to accommodate you. ASD cannot 100% guarantee the arrival of your items by a certain date, even if you contact about an order or select priority shipping. The USPS is out of ASD's control, and back-ups/issues with USPS can result in a late order. If your package is late to arrive after it has been shipped, please file a claim with USPS or try to locate lost packages with them.


Can you bring a certain design back?/ When will you be restocking this bookmark?

I understand the frustration on missing out on a design you wanted from the shop. However, I have no idea when I will bring a certain design back since I am now only making what I can at a given point in time. I have a request area where all requests get fed to me in the form of a google doc with responses that I can look at without being bombarded by e-mails, dm, and comments. If I get enough requests to bring back a bookmark, I will release some of that design. If I only get one or two requests for a design, chances are I won't bring it back, because honestly it wouldn't be worth it to spend time making a bunch of them if only one person is going to buy it. This request area will also be for new bookmark requests and the same principles apply.

 CLICK HERE to submit a design request!

I signed up for your Patreon, but didn't receive anything yet.

Patreon only charges on the 1st of the month. You must sign up BEFORE the 1st of the month to get that month's bookmarks. In example, if you sign up ON June 1st, you will not be getting June's bookmarks, you will receive July's bookmarks, and you will be charged on July 1st.